Download E-books Hypérion 2 (Les Cantos d’Hypérion, Livre 1) PDF

By Dan Simmons

Hypérion est un roman de science-fiction appartenant au style house opera, écrit par Dan Simmons en 1989 et publié en France en 1991. Ce roman est le ultimate quantity d'un cycle composé de quatre livres : Hypérion, los angeles Chute d'Hypérion (1990), Endymion (1995) et L'Éveil d'Endymion (1997), complétés par deux nouvelles : Les orphelins de l’hélice et los angeles mort du centaure.

Hypérion et los angeles Chute d'Hypérion forment le récit intitulé Les Cantos d'Hypérion, tandis que Endymion et L'Éveil d'Endymion en constituent los angeles suite, intitulée Les Voyages d'Endymion. L'ensemble du cycle est considéré par certains comme une des œuvres majeures de los angeles science-fiction, étant donné l'originalité de l'histoire, los angeles complexité de l'univers, los angeles psychologie raffinée des personnages, et les questions cruciales qui sont abordées.

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Download E-books Trouble Magnet: A Pip & Flinx Adventure (Adventures of Pip & Flinx) PDF

By Alan Dean Foster

From technological know-how fiction icon Alan Dean Foster comes a blazing Pip & Flinx experience for enthusiasts of the green-eyed redhead with remarkable psychological powers and his miniature flying dragon. during this staggering novel, Flinx confirms his prestige because the galaxy’s maximum magnet for giant trouble.

Wandering in the market in a few distant sector of the galaxy is a gargantuan sentient Tar-Aiym guns’ procedure. All Flinx has to do–while his neighbors take care of his injured love readability Held–is locate the hefty item and convince it to knock out the colossal evil that's hurtling via area to waste the full Commonwealth.

a no brainer, relatively, in particular for Flinx, who's by no means with out his unswerving entourage of respectable snoops, crazed zealots, diverse goons, and the occasional murderer. certainly, the boy ask yourself and his mini-drag, Pip, are wanting to begin their heroic job . . . simply once Flinx visits Visaria–a dangerously wicked planet–to persuade himself that people are certainly worthy saving.

the possibilities of stumbling throughout excessive ethical values and utopian beliefs don’t glance promising–what with Flinx taking part in a lawless Pied Piper to a gang of mendacity, thieving juvenile delinquents. yet customers fairly cross south while Flinx runs afoul of the corrupt planet’s ruthless crime king.

Still, lifestyles is stuffed with surprises, and Flinx is ready to get smacked via a passel of them–by turns devastating, heartening, and definitely jaw-dropping. For even though Flinx got here to Visaria to plumb the enigma of humankind, there’s one other secret ready right here, a stunning clue approximately his personal shadowy past.

From the Hardcover edition.

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Download E-books Panglor PDF

By Jeffrey A. Carver

Richard Jordan is a telepath, yet his psychic presents have introduced him not anything yet difficulty. Then venture Farcry discovers that telepathy is the single trustworthy technique of faster-than-travel. Jordan unearths himself answerable for a decades-long venture that might swap the way forward for area exploration.

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Download E-books Das rotierende Nichts (Perry Rhodan Silber Edition 128) PDF

Sein identify ist Icho Tolot. Er ist ein Haluter - eine biologische Kampfmaschine und eines der stärksten Intelligenzwesen der Milchstraße. Seit vielen Jahrhunderten unterstützt er Perry Rhodan und die Menschheit. Die Superintelligenz Seth-Apophis, die mit weit überlegenen Machtmitteln nach der Milchstraße greift, hat Tolot bezwungen. Doch der Haluter mobilisiert seine letzten Kräfte und gewinnt seinen freien Willen zurück.

Auf einer gigantischen Plattform am Rand des rotierenden Nichts wird er mit Auerspor konfrontiert. Auerspor ist ein absolut fremdartiges, ultimates Lebewesen und zudem Agent der gegnerischen Superintelligenz. In einem Bereich des Weltraums, der für Seth-Apophis das "Depot" ist, muss Tolot sich einem Zweikampf auf Leben und Tod stellen...

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Download E-books L'éveil d'Endymion 1 (Les Cantos d'Hypérion, Livre 4) PDF

By Dan Simmons

L'Éveil d'Endymion (titre unique : the increase of Endymion) est un roman de science-fiction, style house opera, écrit par Dan Simmons, publié aux États-Unis en 1997 puis publié en France en 1998. Il est l. a. suite et los angeles fin du récit commencé dans Endymion.

Ce roman est aussi le quatrième et dernier quantity des Cantos d'Hypérion, un cycle composé de quatre romans : Hypérion, los angeles Chute d'Hypérion (The Fall of Hyperion, 1990), Endymion (1995) et L'Éveil d'Endymion (The upward push Of Endymion, 1997), complétés par deux nouvelles : Les orphelins de l'hélice et los angeles mort du centaure. Ce cycle est considéré par certains comme une des œuvres majeures de los angeles science-fiction.

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Download E-books Retreat And Adapt PDF

By Thomas DePrima

The subsequent experience within the best-selling sequence: A Galaxy Unknown
Admiral Jenetta Carver, in sector One for simply the second one time on account that changing into Commander of the second one Fleet, gets a message that the scout-destroyer Yenisei, on regimen patrol, is late. The ship's final file ended with an announcement that they have been trying to overtake a number of small ships noticed on their become aware of displays.

Weeks later, the Yenisei is located. Technological advances have made area Command the main strong army strength within the recognized galaxy, yet even supposing sheathed with Dakinium and believed to be virtually impervious to guns hearth, the Yenisei's hull is riddled with holes and the group is lifeless. The ship's computing device log comprises photographs of 3 attacking vessels with a configuration by no means earlier than obvious in GA area. it seems that a brand new enemy has emerged, one with guns enhanced to whatever house Command has.

Book nine of the easiest promoting sequence - A Galaxy Unknown

Sci-Fi area Opera - 111,500 phrases - 384 Pages

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Download E-books Flucht aus Terrania (Perry Rhodan NEO 7) PDF

Das Jahr 2036: Seit ihrer Landung mit dem Raumschiff STARDUST sitzen Perry Rhodan und sein Freund Reginald Bull in der Wüste Gobi fest. Die beiden Astronauten werden durch eine Energiekuppel vor den Angriffen der chinesischen Armee geschützt. Aber langfristig scheinen die Belagerten keine probability zu haben. Perry Rhodan hält an seiner imaginative and prescient fest: Er will die Menschheit einigen, und er will den drohenden Weltkrieg verhindern. Nach wie vor hofft er darauf, die Technik der Arkoniden übernehmen zu können, die auf dem Mond gestrandet sind. Doch der einzige Arkonide, der sich auf der Erde aufhält, ist schwerkrank - und er sitzt in Äthiopien fest. In dieser Zeit formieren sich auf der ganzen Welt Menschen mit besonderen Fähigkeiten, die sogenannten Mutanten. Einige von ihnen wollen Perry Rhodan unterstützen, andere haben sich einer anderen Gruppe angeschlossen. Dort werden sie ausgebildet für einen tödlichen Konflikt, den sie noch nicht durchschauen können...

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Download E-books The Golden Transcendence (Golden Age, Book 3) PDF

By John C. Wright

All started with The Golden Age, persevered with The Phoenix Exultant, and now concluding within the Golden Transcendence, The Golden Age trilogy is Grand house Opera, an SF event saga within the culture of A. E. Van Gogt, Roger Zelazny and Cordwainer Smith. it's an superb tale of super-science, an exciting ask yourself tale that recaptures the elan of SF's golden age writers within the suspenseful and passionate story of Phaeton, a lone insurgent unsatisfied in utopia.

The finish of the Millennium is impending, while all minds, human, posthuman, cybernetic, sophotechnic, should be briefly merged into one solar-system-spanning supermind known as the Transcendence. this isn't in simple terms the achievement of one thousand years of desires, it's a day of doom, whilst the common brain will go judgment at the the entire races of humanity and transhumanity.

The strong send Phoenix Exultant is eventually within the arms of her grasp, Phaethon the Exile is at her helm and his dream of starflight in alive once again. he's being hunted through alien brokers, the eerie and lethal Lords of the Silent Oecumene, who could scouse borrow the Phoenix Exultant and switch it right into a weapon.

The all-encompassing brain of the Golden Transcendence is waking. Will it advocate Phaeton's dream or face the 1st interstellar battle?

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Download E-books Prisoner of Conscience (Under Jurisdiction, Book 2) PDF

By Susan R. Matthews

Under Jurisdiction sequence, ebook 2

He desired to be a physician, yet his relations despatched him to be a Ship’s Inquisitor. simply his fierce decision to carry to justice anywhere he can locate it has preserved his sanity -- his personal strength of will, and a unusual partnership with a guy condemned through the Bench to serve on discomfort of agonizing punishment inflicted by way of the “governor” in his brain.

In Port Rudistal, a defeated humans were consigned to the authority in their ancestral enemies to undergo and paintings and die like cattle.

Bereft of his good friend, inebriated on absolute license to paintings his will on prisoner after prisoner, will Andrej notice what horrors are contained in the partitions of the Domitt legal, and will he carry the reality to mild prior to his enemies silence him ceaselessly?

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